Mega Hamper - Shake Kit & MoreLyf Blender
Mega Hamper - Shake Kit & MoreLyf Blender

Mega Hamper - Shake Kit & MoreLyf Blender

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Bringing the BLACK MILK Shake experience home with our signature shake kit.

Kit Contains:

  • A Black Milk Shake Glass
  • 20x Paper Straws
  • 20x Lotus Biscoff Biscuts
  • 1 Bottle of Black Milk Salted Caramel

You'll need:

  • Ice cream
  • Aerosol Cream

Plus a Portable Blender (On its own)

Make your favourite smoothies, cocktails, protein shakes, ice coffees, any time, any place. 
The ideal home cooking accessory! Rustle up delicious homemade marinades or sauces and get creative in the kitchen! 
The MoreLyf portable blender is state of the art technology which can easily crush ice! 
Imagine having the all the perks of a plug-in blender wherever you go! Take it to the office, the gym, on holiday, literally anywhere! This is the future of blending.
Your MoreLyf charges easily via a micro USB cable. You can get up to 12-18 full cups per maximum charge. 
The MoreLyf portable blender also features a built-in strainer to help keep your drinks chunk free. This is the perfect solution for shakes and it also enables you to make the most delicious cocktails.
Our personal favourite thing about the MoreLyf portable blender is that it simply cleans itself! Just add water and a dash of soap and run your blender until it is squeaky clean!

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